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Griffiths gambling psychology

Griffiths gambling psychology play an online gambling game

The dependent variables are objective measurements of skill on the fruit machine, the content analysis of utterances from the thinking aloud method and the subjective measures of skill perception from the post-experimental semi-structured interview. Effects of limited and unlimited stakes on gambling behavior.

Based on griffiths gambling findings of the post-experimental semi-structured interview it was found that regular gamblers were more skill orientated than non-regular gamblers. Casino valadier of Gambling Behavior, 232— A further independent variable was created by a half of both the regular and non-regular gamblers being randomly assigned to the? To measure the participants objective skill levels, Griffiths recorded the gamblers behaviour. A number sterlincasinolines the regular players psychology recruited via a regular gambler known to Griffiths. Gamblinf was found that on the whole were was no difference in objective measures of skill between regular and non regular fruit machine gamblers.

This experiment uses an independent measures design. An independent measures design consists of having different participants in each of the conditions. The Griffiths Page. Griffiths, M. D. () The role of cognitive bias and skill in fruit machine gambling. British Journal of Psychology. On this page. A summary of Griffiths () study. For students following the OCR AS-level psychology syllabus.

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